Custom X-Box Speakers

My friend had a birthday coming up and I wanted to make sure I did not come empty handed.  So what did I do?  Well I build him a custom speaker of course.   Since he is an XBox gamer, I custom built some for his system.  They are Paul Carmody Sprite Speakers, with a twist.  I changed the size of the speakers, but kept the same internal volume and port size.  I also used PVC for a port, since I needed it to bend.  But the really cool part is that I made these LED backlit!

They came out great!  He absolutely loves them.  The best part, I integrated an amplifier with a switched potentiometer.  That means he can control his volume right from the speaker and when he wants to shut it off, he just turns the volume all the way down and it cuts the power!  Unfortunately I do not have great schematics for this, but I do believe you can take a look at the video and wiring diagram to build one for yourself.  I will warn you this is not an easy project and will take time to do it right.

Wiring Schematic: this is also explained better in the video, but here is a quick picture for those visual people.

Parts Used:
2 Speaker terminals of your choice.
2 Dayton ND90-8
1 Dayton Dta-2 Amp
1 12v strip of LED lights 
2 Rocker switches (optional to shut off LED’s when not in use)
2 Power Jacks
1 3.5mm Jack
2 20 ohm Audio Grade Resistors
2 0.9mh Inductors
2 Power Cords
1 2.1mm Jack
1 12v Power Supply 3a Power Supply

Cut List: Cut this to whatever dimensions you feel best fit your needs by keeping the internal volume of .152 cubic feet.  I made a 7.5″ cube using this Cut list:

2 pieces (front and rear baffle) – 7.5″ by 7.5″
2 Pieces (right and left sides) – 7.5″ by 6.5″
2 pieces (top and bottom) 6.5″ by 6.5″

*These plans are free for personal use.  If you want to resell these contact me first.

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