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The Dinas – Do I need a Subwoofer?

The Dinas are fully active speakers with a  powered subwoofer.  i designed these for JoeNTell after he gave some ideas of what he might want to see on a speaker.  After we talked about it, we decided to give this speaker a lot of bass and the end user a lot of control.  So we picked out an amplifier that allows the end user to change the variable crossover on the subwoofer and the volume of the subwoofer and the rest of the speaker independently.  It is really a very powerful bookshelf speaker.  Here are some videos about them and the parts we used.





19V Power Supply:

Crossover components are in the build plans.


Sneak Peak after they Were Built

The Review:

Build Plans

Flat Packs


  1. Hi,

    I am very impressed with the DIAS design. I am planning to build a pair of DINAS speakers. I did slightly modify the design. Check . I didn’t like the vent in the frontpanel too much. It could also weaken the frontpanel?
    Still 2 questions . . .
    It is not quite clear to me how to connect the speakers to the Lepai. You have a left and right audio input. Do I use one of them? I could solder them together (mono) and connect the subwoofer to the subconnector, the Dayton to the left speakeroutput and the tweeter to the right speakeroutput (with capacitor). Would that be the way of doing it??

    What is the value of the capacitor you used?

    1. You connect both the midwoofer and the tweeter to either the left or right terminal. One of the terminals will be left empty. The value of the capacitor is int he plans. If you are unsure you are getting the right capacitor, open up the plans. The plans have the value of the capacitor as well as a link to purchase the exact one I used at the top of the second page. I hope this helps.

      1. I downloaded the build plan. Thank you. You connect both the tweeter and the dayton to one terminal. Wouldn’t it be an idea to connect the Dayton to one amp and the tweeter to the other? You coud solder the left and right inputs together.

      2. Sorry bothering you again . . .
        I red that you connect the tweeter and the subwoofer with reverse polarity. This seems very odd! Why is this?

      3. It would be best to do this in the forum, so other people can get this out. But it has to do with phase and yes they are reversed. And also they do get wired to one parts of the ant like mentioned before. If you want a longer explanation, I’ll do that on the forum

  2. I finished building the Dinas and they sound great! They really go down to 35 hz! Amazing lows! In the midsection, around 1000/2000 Hz they sound a bit shrill. I think perhaps because of the small midrange speaker housing. I stuffed it and that improves a bit. An equalizer app perfectly solves this problem. Take good care that you make all the joints airtight, otherwise they’ll make a puffing sound.
    Great design 123TOID!

  3. Hi i’m thinking of building this set, are there an place in the EU to buy the speakers?

    Also i’m thinking of using an coax unit instead of an external tweeter, can you recomend one?

    1. Do not buy in the US! I did and i had to pay 80€ customs fee! If you google you’ll find a supplier in europe ( a bit more expensive )

  4. Hi,
    Why don’t you make a space in the enclosure uinder the tweeter, to give it space so you have no issues when your ears are in fact a little lower than the tweeters?

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