While at MWAF, Kirby and I got to really meet each other and decided that we wanted to collaborate on a project. Inspired by Kerry Armes beautiful design and ScottK from PE simple crossover, I decided to get to work. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so anyone could end up making them. I also wanted them to be fullrange, so I worked hard to get as close to the 30hz on the low end as I could. I ended up using the RS180S-8 and the RST28F-4 as the tweeter. I crossed it over at 1800hz. The tweeter got a 3rd order crossover and the Woofer got a second order. I thought i would need a zobel, but ended up not needing it. So this is the final result. I will post some build pictures and some finished pictures in the next day or two as well as a diagram to the crossover. For now, I will leave you with the video that talks about the design goals and crossover.

Oh and the best part. For the pair, you’re looking around $270. That is not bad at all.

Here is the crossover I originally designed.  This is the one found in the video:


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