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Dinas, but mono... HELP!  


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23/05/2020 5:07 am  

Hello everyone.
I’m planning to build the Dinas, but I had an idea of building just one speaker for my very small bedroom/possibly modifying it with a battery pack to make it portable but I’m struggling to see how I can do the wiring. In the original plans you only use one channel of the amp, because you’ve got a left and right channel, but in my situation I’ll only have one speaker and a stereo signal going into it and it alone. How do I wire it to play from stereo sources? I built a speaker similar to this before and since a lot of tracks have guitars only on one side for example it was very annoying to listen to, because essentially one side was missing 🙁
My initial response was to add another full range driver, that woud be the easiest, but I would have to essentially recalculate the enclosure which I don’t want to do. So, has anyone got any idea as to how do do this with wiring so I can keep the number of driver the same?



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