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Generic concerns regarding custom build

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I want to try a custom build , but I am getting more hesitant as I learn more about crossover design.  I  am stating to feel more comfortable with the basics

SPL curve



Ive practiced with Virtuix CAD  to design some crossovers using manufacturer supplied frd and zma curves. 

I’ve followed some discussions on other sites regarding diffraction effects, horizontal falloff, power output that becomes so technical one clearly needs an engineering degree. I therefore ask myself, is this really doable ? If get a flat , in phase curve with acceptable impedance, will I be home free ?  

Is worrying about off axis response akin to worrying about the oxygen content of speaker wire? ( at least for a two channel guy who listens alone. Wifey hates noise )


I am also concerned about how one goes about fine tuning a crossover. To voice the speaker after the initial design one would literally need an electronics component store in house . Should one expect to need multiple interactions of the crossover design once an acceptable design was made in one of the simulation  programs?


Has anyone had these concerns prior to launching a new project?



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