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21/07/2019 11:13 am  

Hello again.  I think I know the answer to this questions because I've searched for the answer using everything I can think of but does anyone know of a crossover designer for a Mac operating system or a web app?  

If the answer is no, does anyone think that it would be worthwhile for me to build a web app? I'm a UX designer so my programming chops are minimal but I think I could pull it off with some help from a colleague.  If there was a free, browser-based web application, would people use it?  I'm not interesting in debugging IE, so would a Chrome app be sufficient?  I'm also not interested in managing user accounts, so would a web app that just uses local storage be acceptable?  Essentially, this means no saving or saving limited to what the browser remembers.

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21/07/2019 1:12 pm  

My first thought is that you could install a Windows virtual machine on your MAC and use X-SIM which everyone seems to like...


(Note: this is a direct download. I wasn't able to find an XSim website.)

I do most of my rough designs (not just crossovers) in a program called Spice. This lets you draw your schematic, assign early part values then simulate the circuit to see where it needs work. There is a learning curve so be patient with it...


I don't know how much help this will be but, I found a couple of online crossover tools... 



There is also a ton of information at...


I would think the problem with designing a website for the purpose is the math, which is far from simple. How are you on electronic theory?



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21/07/2019 1:45 pm  

This is supposedly one of them.  I have never used it and am not sure how well it works.  There definitely are people that are looking for a program like that for mac.  I don't think there is a high demand by any stretch of the imagination.  Even if a crossover design program would be made, you would still need to get a program like REW and DATS on mac to make it worthwhile.  So I don't see how it would help a lot.  Seems like bootcamp or another way to get windows os on the mac makes more sense.  



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