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What NOT to do but maybe i had to?!

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Im currently building the kl 650s and totally new to this but the Toid diy audio content/layout and you folks make it doable and fun. I knew there would be hiccups going in and kept in mind to try and minimize the damage of learning by doing with out sacrificing quality of the speakers. 

Last night I had a builder moment. That feeling where it's time to pull the trigger. Research done, hours of YouTube vids done, gather resources done. But had an oh crap moment after stepping in the deep end and getting awesome support and feedback from toid via messenger.

This is probably inductor orientation 101 I'm guessing for you experienced builders out there. Inductor orientation isn't just for air core but includes iron core as well. Duh. 

Im in the process of ordering new crossover components. This time I'll heed my own advise and post layout before committing ie gluing and soldering everthing. Another duh moment was fitting all the componets on a 5x7 board thinking I had to fit it thru the mids holes.

Some lessons also learned......accurate layout to utilize space and understanding that it's ok to use jumpers to connect my componets. Since inductor rules are probably the most important consideration when laying out xovers I'm starting there. And yes this time ive actually printed out the inductor orientation rules diagram for constant reference. 

Posting some pics for the humor of it all. In total it's a few bucks as I'll save what I can and a couple hrs of my time.

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This is such an easy mistake to make, especially when really excited.  I try to always tell anyone first starting, if you are concerned about inductor layout, separate the tweeter crossover from the woofer and put them on separate boards.  It is easy to see if anything went wrong and should help tremendously with placement.



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