ICEPower 1000ASP  


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08/09/2019 3:42 pm  

Hello all, 

After my last post about the class a amp, and considering your feedback, I thought I’d look into class d amps, and I’ve come up with a plan. I’m building a pair of DIYSG Titans, which can take a lot of power, not that they need it, But, having an under stressed amp, capable of handling any musical transient, with tons of headroom, sounds good to me. 

So, I’m looking at the ICEPower 1000ASP’s, as two monoblocks, it would be a little pricey, but on paper it looks good. I’d like to use a 1000A, and build a stereo amp, but I think I’d have to source a bigger chassis plus all the parts that come with the Ghent kits. 

So, what are your thoughts? Has anyone built a ICEPower 1000 amp for hifi? Should I consider doing a stereo amp? 

Thanks in advance amp, Kent 

Douglas Blake
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08/09/2019 5:35 pm  

I've written about 3 drafts of this reply. None is going to come off as nice. But I have to admit that I'm afraid you are making some very expensive mistakes here.  Rather than take you through technical discussions of why bigger is not better and more powerful is simply more dangerous, let me tell you about my home system...

My home system has been heard in the lobby of the apartment building I live in... 6 floors down and 100 feet along the hallway.  I'm using a pair of bookshelf speakers and a 35 watt per channel amplifier.  I seldom turn it up more than 1/4 volume and rarely does it get over 5 watts per channel. And it does everything I need, very nicely.


The average 12 x 20 living room or rec-room needs a couple of 6.5 inch woofers and an amplifier producing about 30 to 50 watts per channel, for good comfortable sound.  

Yes, DIY speakers is a great hobby. I've been there and done that more than once, loved every minute of it.  DIY electronics is even more rewarding when you see a project you designed come to life.  So please do dive right in....

But, also please let me suggest that you might want to concentrate your energies on more reasonable systems... Well, unless you've just gotten the contract to do the sound reinforcement at a major theatre or sports stadium, that is. 



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08/09/2019 6:06 pm  

@lightwriter62 sounds like a great project!  I can't wait to hear what you think of the Titans.  I would e-mail Ghent about a chasis that would carry the Ice Power 1000ASP and 1000A  When I spoke to him via e-mail the video I shot on how to make a HiFi Amplifier, I recommended him make some that could house something like you're referring.  He told me he had some, but not on the website.  Now you might need to drill a few holes, to mount the board, I am not sure.  But the rest of it should be there for you.  It is definitely worth a shot, before buying two 1000ASP boards.