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Simple Test Amplifier using ICEpower 50ASX2SE  

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19/06/2019 11:07 am  
Posted by: Kevin Kendrick

Cool little amplifier project Nick! What would the retail price for all the components involved be for the average DIYer?

Kevin, it is not bad at all.  I just ordered this board along with this case with the premade cables.  For around $208.  It was all plug and play, minus soldering the RCA wires.  Just keep in mind this is just a testing amp for me, so it is low power.  50Wx2 @4ohm and 22Wx2 @8ohm.  Not not very powerful.  ANd the case was actually much bigger than it needs to be, which surprised me.  I haven't measured it, but it looks like you could put two in the case.  Which makes me think if you wanted to put two of these (would have to drill some holes in the case) to give you a 150Wx2 amplifier with each side having it's own dedicated power supply.   But for a testing amp, that would be overkill for me.

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