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24/07/2019 2:55 am  

This is my first build, obviously an Ammo Box. I wanted it to have a "field radio" look and include FM radio. I started the build using a jumpstarter for power but this failed a few months in and it now runs an SLA battery. It gets used every day at my workplace and is still going strong after two years. I had planned a few additional features to make it more field radio like, but after two years I'm not sure it will get done.😀 

IMG 9714


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08/08/2019 3:43 pm  

This was my last (and third) build.  I've got a KAB-230V3 with two RS100-4 and two ND20FA-6 tweeters.  I should've countersunk the tweeters and done a little bit better job of finishing around the drivers.  I'm tempted to re-do those, but am a little afraid to because I don't want to damage the face.  It sounds really good, just wish it had a hint more bass. 

IMG 2675
IMG 2670
IMG 2671
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