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Great question.  You would still design the enclosure the same way.  I am not familiar with Bass box pro, but it usually gives you the Q of the box.  Assuming a flat response, you would want t a Q of around 0.7  

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Why would you want the sub-woofer to go up to 250hz?

This is what a 250hz tone sounds like ....,v0.75

250hz is actually a mid-range frequency at the bottom of the male voice range.  The only time I've seen such a high crossover point in a "sub-woofer" was in a set of those icky plastic 2.1 Logitec speakers, and that was because the satellites couldn't go any lower without severe distortion. 

Don't forget a sub-woofer and a woofer are two completely different animals, both in structure and in use.

Sub-woofers usually stop at about 80 to 100 hz.  

This is what 80 hz sounds like ....,v0.75   (You may need headphones to hear it, depending on your computer speakers.)

Generally in a 3 way system you want your woofer to get to about 250-400 hz (depending on make and model), the squacker (mid) should run from the top of the woofer up to about 2800-3300 hz where the tweeter takes over. 

In a 2 way system your mid-bass would go up to about 2400-3000 hz where the tweeter takes over.



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