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Whole House Audio for Any Speaker or Amplifier  

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I lvoe my Ice amps and my Dinas, but they do not always have the full conglomerate of inputs.  That is why I was excited to see that https://amzn.to/2Dq8Dy 8" target="true">Arylic Up2Stream pro came out.  It is basically a preamp with a DAC built-in.  It has 3.5 in and out, USB in, bluetooth, Ethernet and wifi.  With this you can instantly add a who array of connections to your amplifier or powered speakers.  I hooked these up to my Dinas and had another one hooked up in my computer room.  Once I downloaded the app, I was instantly able to hook up both units to each other and stream music to both rooms.  It also has stereo pairing as well.  Anyway, I'll leave a little for the video review.  I hope you enjoy this.  I think it is a very powerful unit.




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