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Is the 1701 not capable of this? I know it's not very capable in terms of FIR, not much at all in fact. But I thought it was more than capable of minimum phase crossovers. I've recently ordered a couple of Wondom jab3 2x50 boards for some 2-way large wall mounted bookshelf speakers I'm doing. I'm pretty sure these boards can be linked up with each other, that way I believe they could be capable up to 4way crossovers, or maybe even more if the input source was able to be duplicated or split with some device of some kind.

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@elliottdesigns - It can do limited, but when you compare the two, they are different classes. For example, there is more storage on the 1467 and it can do around just under 6x the instructions per sample. What this means, in part, is if you do not have the phase set correctly, you can do a much longer time delay to a channel off of the chip, thereby allowing for more forgiveness in your designs when using as an active crossover. It can use more advanced FIR filters, which also helps, as it can process more double precision per second, significantly more, which makes this night and day different.

And you are correct. Hell, I'm using the JAB5 boards because of the capabilities of the ADAU1701. It is in a lot of products and is a good chip. But Analog's next gen chips are really that much better. Double the cost, and has to have the codec chip integrated separately, which increases costs, but it is a beast in comparison.

This is compared to their Sharc products and last generation (1401 for auto and 1701 for home) products. That doesn't mean their other products are bad at all. Just wanted to mention the shear power of this new generation. With that said, all that are floating around are two or three different main variants of the developer boards at the minute, most being 8-channels. So if you use this as an active crossover, you can run stereo 3 or 4 channel speakers. Or you can use this to fine tune what is needed, then reverse engineer to a passive crossover for a home theater system, then use this as a DSP for the entire HTS.

Just want to be clear, I'm not speaking to what the ADAU1701 is capable of, which is still a fair amount. Instead, I am highlighting what the new generation is capable of, which is significant.

I include three links below, the first is a table from analog comparing specs, the second is the spec and product overview page for the 1467, and the third is a forum discussion on the ADAU1701 from years ago regarding autoEQ that I found to be a good read.


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@123toid, The ports are to ventilate the amp which is sealed off from the sub cabinet. I know this is probably overkill for this little chip amp. Here is the youtube link:


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@foxaudio, I ran it both ways, just as a sub amp and as a 2.1 system from my Topping MX3 as a pre-amp. I did not get any hum or distortion. For the money it seems to be a good little amp. I wish Lepai and others would ALWAYS include the power supply and a auto on/off feature with their amps.

Youtube Link to my build:



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What an excellent video! That build was top notch. I'll have to share it. Love what you did here.

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@donnie Thanks for the reply. So maybe I have a "Monday"-Model 😀 


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