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Internal Speaker Wiring

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Hey there!


I just got a kit from GR-Research and I noticed that the wiring is all solid core copper. I had been using stranded core for my other kits. Do we know if there's a big difference? Should I be using solid core?


Any random wiring tips I should know about internal to the speaker? 

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This is a really good question, because most people don't really discuss this.  Most people would be surprised if they opened up their speakers and saw the wire used in them. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you opened up your store bought speakers to find CCA wire and not even OFC. Having said that, I have not seen any data that suggests solid core copper wire is in any way more beneficial than any decent ofc cable. AKA it doesn't make an audible difference. Typically I use this in all my speakers and running to them, and I love it. 

Now, you will hear people give their own subjective point of view about many cables and the difference it makes. Having said that, the main concern of using solid core speaker wires is they don't really like vibration and obviously don't like flexibility.  Putting them in a speaker cabinet, is typically the worst for both of those.  No it is doubtful you would have a failure, but it also might more likely.  So I wouldn't personally do it.  But I also have no issues with anyone that does.

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This is more from an industrial electrical use case but Fluke are a trusted name in electrical things so trustworthy information




solid core has less attenuation and lower DC resistance and makes more solid terminations into termal blocks

stranded core is more flexible, is easier to work with in small electronics and more resistant to vibration/repeated bending without breaking


In practicality the short run lengths within a speaker it probably makes no difference what so ever but longer runs from amps to speakers in a home theater it may be worth at least thinking about the options



To be clear in not suggesting consider the ridiculous priced solid core 'audiphile' speaker wires. In really long HT runs you could consider getting 100ft reels of 16AWG solid core wire and running 2 wires to each speaker terminal wall plate

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