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Looking for the most efficient speakers I can find to build...  


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18/09/2020 9:29 am  

I built a small tube amp. The output is about 10 watts removed link

I need ideas for the most efficient speaker design I can build.

I like the Klipsch KL-650 clones but would like a cheaper option I think.

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18/09/2020 7:50 pm  

Ah, there's the dreaded removed link. They'll become available once you have more posts.

Anyway, you'll want to look up drivers that have higher SPL levels, usually 90dB or more. The FaitlPro units in the KL-650 clones are rated at 95dB, so at one watt, they'll be pretty loud. There are some other drivers that are just about as loud, but less expensive. The JBL driver is rated at 109dB! It's a compression driver that will be mated to a horn, so it's just that much more efficient.

Speaking of horns... that is another way to increase efficiency. Problem with using horns on bass drivers is the lower you go, the bigger they get.

You could always go with a Transmission Line design too. That tends to be a fairly well controlled box that favors the natural characteristics of the driver with shallower bottom end roll off.

So many choices. The head spins even when on an even keel! 😀



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19/09/2020 12:27 am  

@jonleepettimore do you have a price in mind?




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