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My Build - Paul Carmody Speedsters - Hickory And Walnut  

Phil G
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Here is the project I worked on while sheltering in place. 

Lets take a look at the finished product then I'll show you how it was done.

IMG 1058

 I do my wood working outdoors and it was raining when I received the kit so I started by assembling the crossovers.

IMG 0998
IMG 0999

 Parts laid out and ready to begin!  I purchased the circuit boards because I thought it was a cleaner solution.  The kit came from Meniscus Audio and I upgraded the capacitors based on their recommendation.  After listening to the speakers, I can honestly say "I'm glad I did."

Clear weather - time to cut some wood!

IMG 1002
IMG 1003

In my eagerness to get started, I didn't take pictures of the table saw work.  I was cutting the biscuit slots when I remembered the camera. 

IMG 1004
IMG 1005

From my previous build (DINAS) I learned the importance of keeping all the box components oriented in the manner the biscuit slots were cut and they will be assembled.  Dry fit looks good - Time for glue!

IMG 1007
IMG 1010

Glued and Clamped! 

IMG 1012
IMG 1013

I cut the front baffle oversize and used a trim bit in the router to get an exact fit.

IMG 1014
IMG 1015

Using the Jasper jig for the speaker cutouts.  This didn't go well (I botched it badly) and the baffles were noticeably different.  Unacceptable!  I threw them out and started over.  

IMG 1016
IMG 1017
IMG 1018
IMG 1019

New baffle clamped in place.  Rounding over all edges with a 3/4" round over bit.  The bit is new but it left some burn marks which were easy to sand out.  Important to always have a clamp on the baffle when repositioning the box so you can continue routing.

IMG 1022
IMG 1023

Lots of sanding later and things are looking good!

IMG 1024
IMG 1025

I should have cut the baffles before applying the finish but I really like the transformation that takes place when the finish is applied and I couldn't resist!  I didn't have enough hickory so I pieced together ash and walnut for the back.

IMG 1026
IMG 1047

This time I'm making sure the baffles match.  I made a pattern out of 1/2" MDF, secured the baffle to the pattern with foam tape and cut them with a pattern bit.  Same for the back.  I cut the pattern in half because it was too awkward to use on the back.  Make sure to wait for your router to completely stop before removing from a small diameter hole - I didn't and the bit chewed up the port on one of the boxes and ruined the pattern.  It was not so bad the box was unusable but it did cause a moment of panic.


IMG 1029
IMG 1030

Test fitting the drivers - ohhh they look nice!

IMG 1048

Crossover installed.  You can see where I caulked around the port tube.  This is the one the router chewed up and I felt it needed a little extra support.

IMG 1057

I'm listening to them now -  they sound fantastic!  Powered by PS Audio Sprout with a Sony CD player.

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@phil-g You killed it!  I love everything about them.  Especially appreciated the biscuit joints you used.  Nice solid build!


Phil G
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Thanks Nick.  The nice thing about building the speedsters is there are a lot of build threads.  I took my inspiration from this one...

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