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Sound Advice Boom Box Build-off! Winner Mk Boom

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Recently Sound Advice had a boombox competition.  The goal was to take a premade boombox kit from Parts Express and transform it aesthetically to just wow people.  I ended up with the MK boom, an inexpensive $130 kit.  It was small, so I had to get creative.  So for this, I used Epoxy and a blue powder to create this beautiful look to it.  After that was finished, I back lit it with LED's.  Overall, I was very happy.  It seems others liked this $130 boombox transformation, as I ended up winning the competition.  Let me know if you have any questions. But for now, here are some pictures and the video of the build process. 


Here's the Video:



20210307 022538
20210310 210018
20210312 223046
20210310 210024
20210314 002600
20210315 232943
20210315 234200
20210315 144609
20210318 035257
20210315 210717
20210318 035058
20210311 173055
IMG 3119
IMG 3122

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This thing is awesome, congrats on the win... What was the prize?  

Disclaimer: I've been in the forum long enough to know a couple things, but have yet to actually do a speaker build myself =)

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