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24/08/2019 5:12 pm  

I am wondering if an added  passive radiator would improve this design. I have just ordered two of the TB subs for building these, but trying for a little better can..... never hurt 🙂

I am buying separate 100W dedicated sub amps to power each. This will be a killer system with the Arilyc streamer amp combined, that will power my main panels.

This Arylic streamer has two RCA outputs. Shall I get two Y RCA and connect two for each sub amps two inputs or just use ONE Y RCA? RED to the right red and LEFT to left white RCA input on each side for the separate sub amps? I wonder if this would make a better quality sound. Obviously I am NOT electronically advanced to decide on this if than can make ANY sonic different s, and that is why I like to have an expert's advice 🙂

My main speakers reach down to 285 Hz. without ANY crossover so these will be the only other drivers required and the sub amp have adjustment up to 280 Hz. so I won't even have any other electronic elements or crossover to deal with. Its been my motto for several decades in audio... the less the better it will sound on its own.

My question is can I just add a passive radiator not larger, that the woofer itself, and not have to modify anything to built the FRONT FIRING VOXEL SUBWOOFER PLAN available for download? 

Also need an advice from Tod 123 how much of Acousta Stuf Polyfill in needed in this speaker's cabinet?

Any advice is hugely appreciated. 

All the best.

Will need a lot of booze to handle this shit

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24/08/2019 11:18 pm  

I honestly haven't looked at a Passive radiator for it yet.  It would definitely need two or a much bigger one.  There's not much that will keep up with it's excursion.  But we can take a look at it for you.  Did you have some PR's in mind?  Have you simed anything yet?  You will have some frequency loss and have a sharper roll off, but you sure wouldn't need to worry about any port chuffing, which is nice. 

As far as polyfill, I don't use any in this.  If you wanted to you could line it with an acoustic fill.  On the ported version you would want to use acoustic foam or a mattress topper.

As far as the build goes, it sounds awesome.

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25/08/2019 12:05 am  


Thanks for your time and replying. So you think I won't gain much and just get into a mess of other issues? 😐 

Any suggestion will be much appreciated, and I don't mind paying if need to to explore this TB driver even more, since its seem to have so much going for it considering its size, and quality. Would be two units per side in an isobaric loading be a better approach? It would have a deeper base for sure at the cost of two units per side, but I could live with that since it will take a small interior. I am open to suggestions, and there maybe others as well having a tiny killer bass setup. Some of us live in small dwelling and with the WAF factor can't have larger columns of systems not to mention the WOW affect it can bring.  I am just lucky to have a large house I am renting.

Yes the build is awesome, and the reason I am not giving any details is because I moved 3,000 miles away giving up and selling my decades worth of record collection and selling old my gear  away before I left the US.

Just by a pure chance I came across this combination and it may...maybe give an ability to create a little bit more income, and not only relying on my monthly SS savings I paid fully and and accumulated , I Gave away my 43 years of saving for my own retirement to support two families on  two different continents.

Anyway I am getting too personal

So I like to finish this exciting build and make some extra financial security here in another far from "home" country.

I loved your video about the ICE power amp kits

  but don't have the electronic skill and also my tools were sold as well. This would only cost a bit more, than these Nobsound G2 Subwoofer / Full-Frequency Mono Channel Digital Power Amplifier 100 or 300 W version I am planing to get. So maybe if I sell a few of these I have more money to get a better amp setup.

So... get ready for this. I had Accoustat 2+2's with heavily modified transformers, Goldmund Studio turntable Van Den Hull Grasshopper cartridge all my cable I made with silver solder and WBT's, and at one point I a a total of  3,000 W to play with including many other goodies. Had friends with even better and more expensive gear including the Goldmund Reference turntable (serial number 001, that was NOT suppose to leave the factory)also modified by America Hybrid Technology so I have been around some awesome systems................ and I was for about two years the sole USA distributor for the BANDOR miniature loudspeakers from England.

Now... I removed the 2 tiny speakers from a Bose Companion 3 Speaker System and added mine, and I need to tell you, that I am staying up many night till 12:30 100 AM not be able to stop listening.

I had make some unusual cables and a temporary stand, and using my own built PC, AND only Bluetooth to play  ... and I just don't get. Its just mindbogglingly teases me and I keep asking how could this sound so AMAZING. It does NOT have the right to do so.

Everyone visiting and listening just drop their jaws, and keep walking up to see the built close up shaking their heads in miss believe like I use to in the beginning even before started tweaking it.

It has  a unique bidirectional sound, effect and being about 20" away from the wall have this effect explained in this video, that I am sure you will find very interesting. At least listen in at about the 4:40 minute mark

I hear details, that I never did on all those systems with the crazy Bose sub and its built in whatever electronics it has. Can't even find any specs and I have the official PDF file.

I am just inching to get a new amplification and setup to be more shocked. 

I have all kinds of silver plated connector on their way for the next built and it will be Carbon fiber added.

Just came across the Arylic streamer amp that you had also like in a video I just saw today and I will buy in a few days, than want to add two sub amps and be in  stereo heaven

Living in Central America makes importing things slower and more expensive due to re shipping and import taxes added.

Anyway I am taking too much of your valuable time, and got taken away a bit too much with writing. 

Thanks for landing me your time and attention.














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