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Copy paste, editor, and themes

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I created a forum post in notepad and pasted it, and the background was white for the text.  This also happens for me when pasting a link with copy paste.  I'm using edge browser, not sure if others change that. 

It doesn't look like there is an option to clear formatting in the editor, I was hoping to find an advanced editor perhaps, but couldn't find one.

Also, is there any different forum themes available.  I was looking to see if maybe a theme was why mine acted up, but figured I'd ask that as well.

Disclaimer: I've been in the forum long enough to know a couple things, but have yet to actually do a speaker build myself =)

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I am trying this in notepad to see if I get the same issue, I am using Chrome. There is no editor that I know of. I tried different themes, but this seemed to be the best overall. There were some that were...well..a pain. Lol.

Mine pasted fine.  Looks like it might be something on your end.


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