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Current setup

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Yamaha HTR-5890 receiver and Definitive Technology CLR-3000 Center

20200606 171711

 Definitive Technology BP-2000TL Fronts

20200606 172226
20200606 172159

Custom built Titanic MK II 12" sub in a sealed box and DCM KX-212 for my rear surround

20200606 172137

Currently need to get the amps and power supplies in the fronts rebuilt and remake the enclosures for the  DCM rears Because the current enclosures are falling apart. Can't wait to get everything set up and dialed in.

20200627 211713

I added feet so it is not a down firing subwoofer, sounds much better, also waiting for DSP to show up so I can add that to the Sub as well.

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I can't wait for that all to hapen.  Should have given me the dimensions of the DCM cabinets.  We could have made them while you were here.  Next time I guess 😀



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