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I want to show off my new 5.1 system I got for free. I often get asked how I get free speakers, and is mainly just because people know that I'll use them and get used from them. This whole Klipsch 5.1 system was given to me for free including the receiver. 

It includes two bookshelves speakers, one center, two surrounds and a 10-in subwoofer 

IMG 20200221 215633 01
IMG 20200221 215645 01
IMG 20200221 215722 01
IMG 20200221 215738 01
IMG 20200221 215645 01
IMG 20200222 005316

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Nice score!  It's worth letting friends see your interest and be willing to take as is stuff.  Ya just might get good recievers or even a record player hah.  Usually not going to be the latest generation but still good for many uses.

Disclaimer: I've been in the forum long enough to know a couple things, but have yet to actually do a speaker build myself =)



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