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23/04/2020 12:17 am  


Came across Pulse Audio on YouTube - he mentions DIY audio, and here I am...

Interested in an entry level test setup. Generate pink noise, display spectral response on a laptop, with a reasonably priced calibrated mic. 

Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

Albert - 4th Order

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23/04/2020 12:56 pm  



You came to right place.  The two main pieces of equipment one needs is a calibrated microphone for frequency response and a way to measure the drivers impedance.  The microphone does need to be calibrated and for ease of use, should have usb.  Here are the best values for both of those.

USB Calibrated Microphone: Umik-1

Impedance Tool: Dats V3

These are the two things you need to get started.  I also recommend a cheap microphone stand to get the mic to the right height, but you can be creative if you don't want to get that right away. 

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