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Greetings Earthlings!

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Bill from Iowa here. I am certainly an amateur audio nut, but enjoy building audio speakers. This started way back in high school and continues today. I also am a collector of vintage audio amps/preamps/receivers. The latest interest is in the BGW power amps from the 80s. Built the Dinas, and working on the Eso 7s.


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Welcome Bill.  I have a penchant for vintage gear too.  I just refurbed a Marantz 2216B for my daughter's bedroom stereo (it's now her prized possession), and I've got a Kenwood KA-5700 and KT-5500 combo I just finished up that I'm making some nice wood side panels for the office.


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Bill awesome to have you!  I was born and raised right on the other side of the Mississippi.  Right in the Quad Cities.  Spent close to half my life in Iowa.  Love it.  Not sure if you ever have been to Maquoketa, Iowa.  But if you haven't, I used to go there for fun.  Go to the Caves and then to the Drive-In.  Fun times.

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