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I'm and audio enthusiast and really enjoy music and mostly DIY audio. I also have a YouTube channel IOWAudio Reviews that I have been working on for the last 2 years. Its more or less just a hobby for me though. I built my first set of speakers out of a Parts Express catalog in 1999 when I was 13. Was pretty active in DIY audio reading books I got from PE and eventually found WinISD and taught myself to use it. Did several projects up till I was about 21 then quit audio completely till about two years ago. Went to college and was big into computers, cars, partying and girls ya know typical 20s. Had my daughter few years ago got engaded bought a house hello 30s...lol. A local I sold a set of my favorite DIY speakers to as I was spring cleaning and not caring about audio anymore reached out to me and wanted to know if I could repair his old Acoustic Research AR2ax and he would pay me. He's a really nice guy so I said sure. Starting looking the speakers over and looking for parts. Had to dig out an amplifier and my old music folder that was on an external hard drive. Starting tinkering with these old speakers and it hit me how much I really enjoyed this hobby. After that convinced myself to start a YouTube channel. Took me weeks to force myself to do the first video and nearly threw up...lol. Little tip, have a beer get relexed and just hit record....lol. I thought about doing a high performance PC building channel for years but instead decided to do audio and wanted to force myself to try something new and see where it goes. 🤔 Things are very different now in this hobby. Way more parts to pick from, better software, access to guys like Toid, internet, usb measurement mic, doing your own measurements, way more objective information available. So kinda learning all over again. Also watching Toid and Kirby for the last year or two has been helpful and encouraging. Anyway looking forward to being here.

My first DIY speakers. 



Turn it up!!!

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@iowaaudio Super stoked you are on here.  Also if no one knows, he has a great YouTube channel.  Make sure to check it out! 


He has some great things going on there.  

Feel free to put a link in your signature.  More people need to find your channel.  I still want to borrow that idea of using kill-a-watt to find out the wattage. That was a great idea. 


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