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Hello, fellow DIY audio aficionados!

May I introduce myself: My name is Sven, a "middle-aged" man from Germany. I came across this forum after watching some of Nick's videos on YouTube. I had just set up my small hobbyist electronics lab at home and was looking for a  DIY project to distract myself from the "do not leave the house" winter. My eyes fell on the Dinas Boombox and I knew that I wanted one, too. So I bought the plans, did some modifications, and finished the project just a couple of weeks ago.

I did a lot of electronics stuff in my youth (oh, happy "pre-SMD" times 😉) but more or less skipped it when I went to university to become a software engineer. Working in the business software industry since then, other hobbies like traveling (mainly in Africa), photography (landscape and animals), and collecting art filled my spare time. Only recently (actually caused by the Corona home office boredom) I started revisiting the field of electronics and found it as entertaining as in my youth. And, boy, I could not believe how cheap all these components are nowadays (OK, I also have some more pocket money now 😀).

I'm looking forward to inspiring discussions in this community and to brilliant ideas I can steal 😋.

Regards, Sven

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@ethanesrah Excellent!  I can't wait to hear more form you!  And hopefully, you will share some pictures with everyone 😉


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