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Hi guys. My name is Josh but i go by Chedwin across most of the internet

Im a professional live sound engineer and video tech from the UK working in theatre, live events/concerts and high end comercial installs around the world. I have a BA (Hons) degree in theatre and performance technology from LIPA (UK). Between my degree study and almost a decade working in the industry i've gained a good understanding of room acoustics, psychoacoustics, electroacoustics and some moderate woodworking skills. My specialist areas are more psychoacoustics and subwoofer array design/low frequency control

Although i dont have the space or time to be building my own speakers at the moment i hope i will still be able to share my background and knowledge with users here to help others with their own designs. E.g. partly this could be designing speaker cabinets but more so this will working out how a speaker will interact with a room, where the best place to position a speaker in a room for standing wave interactions and how to acousticaly treat a room effectivly without breaking the bank etc.

Hope i will be able to be of assistance (i may also try and share some fun photos and insights to the pro audio world if/when my contracts allow 😆 )


Josh Evans - Professional Live Sound Engineer

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Welcome! All aspects of this hobby / lifestyle are encouraged and we actively seek to share whatever we can whenever we can. Pick a topic or start a thread, jump on in! Looking forward to what you have to share.


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@chedwin Excellent!  I am really excited to see and hear from your expertise.  Really looking forward to all you contribute.

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Hi Josh,

Nice to see someone else from the UK here 👍. You sound very experienced and I can't wait to have (hopefully) many a discussion of acoustics with you on here! Welcome to the forum!

Elliott Dyson - Mechanical Engineering Student and 3D printing & Design Freelancer

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