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Hello everybody!

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I decided to join this forum since I've been watching a lot of DIY speaker builds over the last months and saw that the Toids Youtube channel also had a community 😀 

My love (obsession?) for speaker builds was quite by accident. I have always had a love for good sound quality and have had various different speakers in my lifetime but I never thought about building something of my own.

Last year I started experimenting with electronics and development boards like Arduino and at some point I thought "I have a portable bluetooth speaker which is broken, I wonder if I can fix that with my new found knowledge?".

This led me to fully take apart the speaker and that's where it all began. Bought a lot of small speakers, amplifiers, diy kits and started learning about all the stuff behind it.

It was, and still is, overwhelming how much is involved in building speakers, things I never knew about: ohms resistance, frequencies, crossovers, sensitivity, sealed enclosures, ported enclosures, passive radiators. My head explodes already, and that's just a fraction of the terms I learned about the last few months.

But hey, everybody has to start somewhere! Hopefully someday this will all connect in my brain and I know what I'm doing haha.

Looking forward to it!


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