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Hello everybody  


Speaker Toni
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13/04/2020 10:16 am  

Hi, I just joined this forum and I saw some great posts already!

Maybe someone has seen my name on YouTube already because I have a small YouTube channel where I review speakers. 

Some years ago I got really interested in DIY audio and have been doing it since. Apart from making audio gear I use my time for photography and videography as well. 

Unfortunately I don't have that many people to share this hobby with and thats why I decided to join. To talk to some people who share the same interests, exchange information and help out where I can. 

Currently I'm working on many different projects, too many actually haha. The most recent one is a small bookshelf speaker that is similar to the Mini Dinas or Boenicke W5. Except I'm using a Vifa Ne65 instead of the Fountek Fe85, its a closed box and I'm thinking about making it active. 

When I'm able to post pictures I'll probably make another post about that one if anyone is interested🙂.

Anyways, I'm happy to be on here now! 

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13/04/2020 12:02 pm  


Feel free to post your channel here when you get enough posts.  I already subscribe to you, but definitely leave it here for others as well.  And don't be afraid to post your videos on the forum.  That's what it is here for. Just keep up with them 😀 .  

I'm excited to see your project using the Vifa.  Are you going with Dayton's new DSP Boards or something like a mini DSP? And yes we are definitely interested in pictures 😍 

We're happy to have you!

Speaker Toni
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13/04/2020 3:16 pm  


Sounds great! I'll make sure to do that. 

So far I've used a mini DSP for all my projects because it accelerates the building process by a lot. But if the speaker will be active I'll probably go for a different DSP board in the final version. Maybe the Dayton ones will be a good choice there🙂. 

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