Hello From Brittany

Hello From Brittany  


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08/01/2020 10:25 am  

Hello sound people!

I am a musician who plays violin and wooden flute. I have done work experience restoring and making violins, cellos and violas.

I am here to begin a learning process about better sound systems.

I first noticed this was important about 12 years ago when the 'sound guy' for a concert was sick and he got a replacement. The usual fellow was a tone deaf 'rocker' who probably did a good job for rock music but amplifying acoustic instruments and adjusting the sound for a dead room was beyond him mostly. However the replacement had constructed his own amplifiers, pre-amps and built his own speakers. The concert was amazing because the replacement sound guy understood the whole process for acoustic instruments and was also a builder of home and car stereo systems.

So here i am having built an icepower 200 amp from Toids wonderful youtube video and links to the parts.

Next project its onto floor-stand speakers, adding knobs and buttons where is see the need. I will try to build speakers that are visually nice and sound good. If i don't my wife will buy an electric chair 😉

She's also a musician so the main sound system for the house must be good quality so we can evaluate recording studio takes and edit music.





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24/01/2020 7:08 pm  


Welcome to the forum. You, as a musician who is also luthier, have a leg up on construction technique and detail. This is definitely a place where you can bounce ideas off of others to reach your goals. Since you've already got the (ICE)power, it's time to make the next step. So dive in and we'll be glad to give whatever help we can.


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