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Red Eye
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Hello everyone. I’m retired with a little to much time on my hands (not really). Iv been a Musician for as long as I can remember. Playing music has been my add vocation. I have a pretty good idea what music should sound like. As of late, I’ve turned my passion to speaker cabinetry. I’m a Tube Amp Guy all the way. The speakers I build are high efficiency enclosures 95db or so.                                                                                Now why did I join this forum.  I downloaded the plans to the JBL speaker Toid had on YouTube. Building the cabinets is not a problem at all for me. On the other hand, selecting the Drivers an crossovers is above my pay grade, an at this stage off my life, it’s not something I’m wanting to spend a great deal of time learning. Joining this form I may able to help someone with building techniques, an making there cabinets sound better.  Ok here is The biggie. What do I (Hope) to accomplish here.     The analogy my son an I use is, the average person can’t tell the difference in a $500.00 acoustic Guitar from a $5000.00 Guitar. Maybe I can be some help to someone. It takes (TIME) it develop a good listening Ear. I’m hoping you guys can help me with Speaker an crossover selections for my projects, an maybe I can help you in your enclosure builds an finishing techniques TY. Red Eye 

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@red-eye That is excellent!  We are happy to have you!  I must say, when I went for my Masters they taught us how to read.  That might sound weird, but the basics of it, is they taught us how to read differently to really focus on key words and phrases the author chose. A ll of these were really important to understanding the true intent/meaning.  it is interesting how many people don't get that.  I use that analogy, because I agree that I believe ti is the same with music.  People know there is a difference, can tell they like it or don't, but really aren't trained to understand what to look for.  I am looking forward to your cabinetry and training.  Bring it.


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 It’s very cool, thank you

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Redeye and Deadeye 🙂


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