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Just Need a Win!

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Hello all! I'm 55 and have been active in the audio hobby, automotive first and later into DIY home, for 40 years. I'm still very much a novice though and am in need of some mentors to bump me along before I accept defeat and take up fishing. 
My latest fail is the Dayton Audio DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller. I followed 123 Toid's video and I keep getting an error that my gain is too high on my Velodyne DLS - R. I've turned the volume down until the sub is almost inaudible and still get the same error. I can hear the sweep not completing the full range before faulting out. BTW - I'm using iWoofer Pro and an Iphone.
Any insights or experience shared would be so greatly appreciated.
Thanks to everyone!

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@jgeeme I love the DSP-LF.  I just used it to get some excellent results on the CSS sdx-12.  Having said that, I have got that issue before as well.  If I remember correctly, I just restarted the app or the device and it started working.  It seems the app got confused.  Let me know if you are still having issues.


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