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New Member & Novice DIY Audio enthusiasts SHUD!

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Hello Members & Toid,

Hello to All, My name is Jason Shud. I am a big home theater fan, I am wanting to learn more about the audio side of the HT Hobby.

I have spent the last couple of years watching Toids channel, GR Research & Audioholics ECT. I am wanting to learn as much as possible about this Awesome Hobby of ours! 

 I can tell just by the short time looking around here that I picked the right place. Thanks for building this cool spot Toid!


Jason Shud

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You're welcome!  We are really glad to have you here.  Feel free to post questions, topics, whatever.  Heck you can even head to the lounge and post anything you want.  Looking forward to talking to you some more.


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