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New, greetings from the netherlands 😀

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Hello guys :D,

I started building speakers about two years ago. My first project consisted of two car audio 6x9's and a china bluetooth amp. It sounded quite bad but a interest was sparked. The next two years i proceeded with picking apart second hand speakers and trying to make better sounding ones. Most were unsuccessful builds, because of the lack of parameters but it was quite fun and educational. During this time i also learned how to design passive crossovers. Right now i'm planning a new bluetooth speaker build. However, this time i'll buy drivers from soundimports(the EU equivalent of parts express) and design a box based on the t/s parameters with the help of winisd and hopefully some of you guys :D.





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Welcome to the Forum! Your journey sounds very familiar, except I didn't get 6x9's until much later along my path. 🙂 They were some serious party speakers.

By all means, ask anything. I'm sure one of us members will be able to give an answer. At the very least, we'll look it up and learn together.


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