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Dinas covid timekiller Build
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Hi folks & 123Toid

Thank you for the design to you 123Toid & JoeNtell.  I started around a year with the first preparations, worked around 3 hours per every 2 weeks total time. The exitement was great when hearing the first sound and all working fine, really happy with the result. I have been buying a lot of woodworking tools. I also redesigned the original drawings to keep the volume for 22 mm thick MDF. Well, the woodworking and soldering & assembly jobs were for me the most fun part. To get a good paint result was a lot more difficult than I originally thought, but in the end got that right as well.

The sound was a lot better than I expected from those relatively small , but really reaaaly heavy speakers. It’s clear sound with detailled soundstage , good balance from drivers, where you can select the crossover point to your own taste. I can listen for long periods times since the Dinas are non fatigueing. I can only advice, if you think about to build, just go for it, it’s really rewarding. See some pictures of the build and the result! tnx

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Thank you for the high praise!  I am glad you are enjoying them!  I agree, that painting is the hardest to get perfect.  It looks like you did a tremendous job!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you for sharing them with us.



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