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[Solved] Dinas not geting right channel

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so i have hooked up my Dinas and its getting muffled audio every time a song has music coming out of the right channel is there any way i can fix this

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If you put your head next to the tweeter on the right DINAS can you hear sound out of it? If that's the case the tweeter might not be connected/loose or the tweeter might be broken. Or if there is audio coming from the tweeter, something might have gone wrong with the crossover board. There might be over reasons, but these are ones I could think of. I'm sure Nick (ToidsDIYAudio) will see this post soon. He'll be able to help more since it's his project.

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Can you post a video or something of what is happening.  What you posted is pretty vague, so it is impossible to diagnose.  Maybe post some pictures of your setup so we can see what is going on and then post a video of what is going on.  It definitely is not normal.


Also, if you put the left signal to the same speaker, is it muffled?



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