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17/02/2020 11:04 pm  

123Toid, did you use poly-fil in your build?  I will hopefully be assembling my DINAS this weekend.  Depending on the full range and tweeter being back in stock.  I am used to using poly-fil in my speaker cabs, however I have never built one with an amp plate. I am concerned about the heat of the amp being a fire hazard.  What do you recommend.

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17/02/2020 11:08 pm  

Great question. I did not use poly-fill in this build. If you do want to use something, you would want to use something like a thin acoustic panel that can glued on either side. The tricky part of that is you don't want it covering the amplifier and you also don't want it anywhere near the port. any of the diners I have built, don't have any internal polyfill or acoustic panels inside. I've never experimented with it either. There have been some people that have done it though and appear to like it.

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18/02/2020 3:52 pm  

It generally makes no difference with ported speakers. 🙂

Its use in infinite-baffle speakers is to make the enclosure "seem" bigger to the speaker as the air moves slower in the cabinet due to the material absorbing some energy.

Although it can make a difference if the cabinet is improperly braced because it can slightly reduce unwanted resonances as it slightly reduces reflections (nearly always bearly noticeable, I'd save your money) 😀

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