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Tweeter Mounting Plate Question  

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The speaker components that I ordered from Parts Express for the DINAS have started to arrive at my house. I opened the box for one of the tweeters and noticed the mounting plate is attached to the tweeter already. I assumed it would just slide off. It doesn't just slide off. Is there anyone who has built the DINAS that could give me a tip for how to get the mounting plate off the tweeter? I will need it off so I can mount it to the speaker cabinet won't I?  I attached two photos to show you what I mean.

Bottom View
Side View


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It does slide off, but it's TIGHT, use a plastic spudger to help you with it, and be careful not to pinch the wires while doing it.

The TN28B might be pretty and help with time alignment, but it's a PITA to install and wire.


I also advise to extend the tweeter wires before mounting it, as you'll have a hard time wiring it otherwise.

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@ martin is correct.  It does slide off.  It slides toward the back of the tweeter.  It is on there pretty good.



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