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How does Bose Measure?

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I have never really liked Bose, but I also havent' hated them, like some.  As with all speakers they have their place and consumer.  But I always wondered, how do they measure?  That is when I finally came across a decent online article that went into an acoustimass measurement and breakdown.  If anyone else is interested in the details, I linked them here:

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I've never owned any Bose products, but I have had salesmen try to get me to buy them. Most experiences in that respect were rather lackluster, especially when A-B'ing them with something of my choice. 

If you go to Steve Guttenberg's channel and search for Bose 501, you'll see my comment there about the best experience I had with that brand. Recap: A guy I worked with bought his 501's in 1974 while in the military, stationed in Germany. He brought them home and used them for a while and then stored them away. In the 90's, he was setting up his barn as a "man cave" before the term was in use, and found all his old equipment, including the 501's. The drivers were shot so he asked if I could rebuild them. Measured up the boxes and ran the T/S parameters on the correct sized drivers in the MCM catalog. Ended up using all Pioneer replacement drivers. In the end, just those 2 speakers and a 100 w/c receiver shook the barn. Bass was deeper than he remembered as well as much tighter (Bose woofers were floppy) and WAY more efficient.

Bose concept = possible.

Bose implementation  = sophomoric.




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