Linkfor/Proster TPA3116D2 Stereo Mini-Amp  


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04/08/2019 3:10 am  

I recently picked up two of these...

... one for a friend and one for myself. Notice the return of tone controls... YES!

Per usual I did some testing and a teardown before delivering.  

review image 

The test results are pretty much right on the TPA3116D2 Spec which should be no surprise. 35 watts per channel on 8 Ohms (50 on 4), 0.1% distortion, 20hz to 20khz within 1 db. But like all of these mini-amps, running them on 4 ohms is not advisable since they are fully enclosed and could overheat.

I find this to be a capable product worth more than it's price.

There is an issue with the bulk capacitors used in this amplifier. Typical of Chinese designs they've made these things with little or no safety margin.  Specifically: 25 Volt capacitors on a 24 volt supply.  While this isn't a significant risk, on my units I swapped out the 25 volt parts for 35 volt ones just to play it safe.

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My full review of the product is on

The Canadian product page is HERE

The US product page is HERE

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