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The skinny:

The 2 young 'uns (I'm the oldest in the house so everyone is a young 'un to me) - wife and daughter, purchased a car. 2015 Dart. Nice little car, kind of like the T.A.R.D.I.S., it feels bigger on the inside. 

So, the sound system is... okay. Much better than the Escort they looked at. What it could use is more bottom end, so I looked in the trunk/boot or whatever you may call it in your part of the world. The area right behind the seats (they fold) is indented and looks like a good place to fit a "smallish" box.

With that in mind, I started looking on Parts Express for smaller, low-profile automotive subs. I'm looking at the Tang Band W6-2253S 6-1/2" and the Dayton Audio LW150-4 6". To drive them, I have a JBL GTS 180X - has low and hi inputs, 60W @ 4Ω x 2ch, 90W @ 2Ω x 2ch, and 180W bridged @ 4Ω x 1ch, all at 0.08% THD or better. There's an owner's manual in the link, if you are curious. That is, if it still works. It's been sitting, waiting for the right opportunity.

Anyway, These 2 are my choices and they both model optimally around 0.5 Cu.Ft. box. The TB tunes to about 31 Hz (Fb) (~27 Hz F3) and the DA tunes to about 39 HZ (Fb) (~30 Hz F3). I haven't run port flows yet, but for the same diameter port, the TB has to be almost 2x's longer.

At this point, the score is: TB 1, DA 1.

Here's where it gets interesting. Sensitivity. Both are 4 Ohm but the TB says 80 dB @ 1W/1M and the DA says 86.1 dB @ 2.83v/1M. To make that equivalent, you need to change the DA to read @ 2W/1M. You see, 1W @ 4Ω is 2.0v. Following the guideline listed in the link above, you can approximate the output at both RMS and MAX power for both.
TB: RMS ~100 dB (100W), MAX ~103 dB (200W)
DA: RMS ~ 99 dB (40W), MAX ~102 dB (80W)
This is so close, and 1 dB is almost indistinguishable, we can call this a draw.

TB: $69.00
DA: $49.98
From a price point, the DA is ahead.

Looking at what I have to drive it, I could go with either 2 of each in a stereo configuration, and the outputs at max amp power would be:
TB ~98 dB ($138.00)
DA ~101 dB ($99.96)

OR go with 1 TB running on bridged mode:
~102-103 dB ($69.00)

This could go either way, depending on configuration. 

**And there's only 1mm difference in XMax.

Hmmm, choices, choices.

Who wants to dive into this descent of madness? What are your thoughts?


**Forgot to add this under the Sensitivity section: at 1W, the DA is 3 dB louder than the TB, so at lower powers, you have more output.



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Both great choices.  If it were me, I think I would go with the Dayton.  The tang band's port looks to be unacceptable size for a build like this.  But the Dayton it looks like you have a few options. In winISD it does look like the max power the Dayton should receive is about 20watts. Another option would be the Tang Band W5.  That box should be about as small (0.35 cubic feet).  Or you could couple it with a passive radiator.  I am currently working on the design.


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@123toid just a quick question re: WinISD. Do you input all the parameters from the spec sheet for drivers that are not in the included database, or do you know of some hidden repository with the driver files already created? Most drivers I input have validation errors, but all there is to use is the published information, so you have to use it. 




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