Cut list is actually a free program that helps you maximize your cuts when making speakers.  You see, the one part that can drive a speaker maker or woodworker mad, is how to make the most efficient cuts from your wood.  Or in other words, how do I keep the maximum waste for future projects.  It is an utter pain to have to throw out any wood (or mdf), so in comes this free program.  
All you have to do is input your material pieces (ie 8′ x 4′) and add as many pieces you have laying around the shop.  Even if all you have is waste (aka scrap) pieces.  Then input all your cut sizes in parts.  You can also change the blade width (cut width) if you know it (if not leave it at default).  Then hit search for solutions and the program will do the rest.  It’ll actually give you a perfectly set cut list of all the cuts you need to make.

Download Here

One final note.  If you are using MDF, you can click ignore grain and it will cut it the most efficiently.  If you need it to pay attention to grain, do not click this.

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