Thank you for your order of the DIY Ammo Kit. All the holes have been cut and it should be ready to be assembled after you paint it.  The top is easily removed by opening the ammo can and sliding it to the side.  This will allow you to paint that separately.  Just follow these simple directions to complete your project.  Please refer to the documentation sent with the amplifier board. 

After you have unpacked everything from the ammo can you will see a few holes cut.  The two big holes on the front will be for the speakers.  The hole in the middle (between the speakers) is for the volume control.  On the rear of the speaker you will see two smaller holes cut.  One of those is for the aux cable and one is for the power jack.  These use the same size hole, so you can use them in either orientation.  The last hole is found on the side and is for the power switch.
Now that you know where everything goes, go ahead and place each one in its respected hole.  And tighten down the nuts to secure them to the ammo can.  Take all the connected wires and place them on the outside of the ammo can.  We will start hooking those up one at a time. 

First wire to hook up is the power jack.  There is only one place to hook this up on the amplifier board (2).  Just make sure to hook it in the right direction, indicated by the clip. 

Next we will hook up the power switch.  Locate it on the amplifier board and plug it in (6).
In order to hook up the aux cable, we will need to remove the small jumper on the amplifier board (3).  You can remove this with your fingernails or a small set of pliers.  Then plug in the aux cable where this jumper used to me.  It will align perfectly inside.
The volume control is next.  Plug this into the amplifier board (4).
The speakers cable are next to plug in.  There is also a clip the guarantees proper orientation.  Make sure to align the clip.  The board indicated which two wires go to the left and right speakers.  They are separated, just double check and lay each one outside its corresponding speaker hole. 

Finally, take out the battery extension board.  Plug the included cable into the amplifier board (5).  Then hook it into any of the connections on the battery extension board.   

It is no time for you pick a final spot for each component.  , just make sure they will not get in the way of the speakers when they are inserted.  It is recommended to put the battery board in the center to stay out of the way of the speakers and to also center the weight.  You can attach these using industrial strength Velcro, double sided tape or hot glue.  Any of these are readily available at your local store. 

Once you have everything secured, you can hook up the speakers and install the screws.  Finally, you will want to install the batteries in the battery extension board.  Pay special attention to the orientation. Installed incorrectly and you will damage the board. The batteries will clearly be labeled + and – on either side of the battery.   

When you are finished charge the batteries with the power brick.  Enjoy your new speaker!  Please leave a review.  If you are not completely satisfied, let me know as soon as possible.