DIY Speaker Design Process

While at MWAF, Kirby and I got to really meet each other and decided that we wanted to collaborate on a DIY Speaker project. Inspired by Kerry Armes beautiful design and ScottK from PE simple crossover, I decided to get to work on this. I wanted to keep this diy speaker as simple as possible so anyone could end up making them. I also wanted them to be full-range, so I worked hard to get as close to the 30hz on the low end as I could. Although this is full-range, it doesn’t’ go as low as the Uglies.

DIY Speaker Parts Used

One of the hardest parts about designing your own DIY speakers is picking the right parts. I ended up using the RS180S-8 and the RST28F-4 as the tweeter. I chose this tweeter, as it allowed me to crossover at 1800hz. If I had to cross over later, or this speaker would have problems with the woofer and tweeter mating together. This would mainly show up in the form of beaming. Since I had to crossover so low, the tweeter got a 3rd order crossover. This will help protect it , give it better power handling and less distortion. The woofer got a second order, since that was all that was needed for this diy speaker. I thought I would need a zobel, but ended up not needing it. So this is the final results are located in the video that talks about the design goals and crossover.

Oh and the best part. For a pair of these DIY Speakers, you’re looking around $270. That is not bad at all.

Final Crossover Design

Here is the final crossover design for the diy speaker.