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      Ordered Class D amp kit as in Toids video ($3000 amp for $300)….Parts Express is offering 10% off everything. Bought the two ICE amplifier boards and then ordered the case kit from

      Anything else I’m going to need. I have power cords and my Schiit Freya is balanced out.

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      I had to buy XLR to RCA adapters. I don’t have anything that has balanced outputs. I made that amp and I like it a lot. I’ve never felt it get more than just warm. It was nerve-wracking for me to build because I’m not a pro at electrical stuff but I just watched the video a few dozen times and took my time. It works like a champ! Good luck with your project!

      Oh, on a side note, I also have a Schiit Bifrost and Lyr. I enjoy both a lot.

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      There was a thread on the old style forum that dealt with, I think, this amp and the Ghent cabinet and wiring, going over how to wire for either balanced or unbalanced inputs, as that was something that OP wanted. If it is of interest I could do a search for it.

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