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      I recently bought the Eminence CX10 woofer and the Eminence F110 compression driver. I want to initially use them in an Open Baffle project to see how they perform in this situation and then build cabinets with down firing passive radiator or bass port…..(A copy of the Zu Soul IV)…..

      I need help designing the crossover and the cabinet dimensions to get the most out of this pair of drivers.

      Has anyone been down this road ahead of me?

      (Also, I tried to join Toid’s patrion group and I’m being told that the site doesn’t exist?)

      Thanks in advance!

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      This is the Patreon link. Not sure why it wasn’t working. But I think you are in luck either way. I already designed a crossover using that woofer and compression driver: I even did a video on it.

      Keep in mind the crossover will change some if you go open baffle.

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      Thank You! I did get into Patron and signed up for $5 a month…What a bargain! Thanks for all you do for the hobby. Can’t wait to start playing with these drivers. But my woodworking happens outside and it is 10 degrees todat with feet of snow coming tonight….It will have to wait! Ugh!

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        woah! Now that is crazy! Let me know if you ever want to do a quick voice chat, we can talk aobut some of yor ideas and plans.

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        I feel for you. Colorado here, but this valley is only getting like an inch or so today. It is 32 degrees F though. Meanwhile, the last items I need to get started in earnest will be here Monday (I’m doing a convoluted process of using a track saw to cut down hardboard (the brown sheets you often see for peg board, yeah, that is hardboard, also called High Density Fiberboard or HDF), then glue (laminate) the pieces together and all the clamps needed to hold those stacks together, then table saw to clean the edges and make them parallel, shaping it into its final shape).

        After I do that and get the pieces ready, then I wait for my cast iron router wing to arrive. I can do the rabbeting with either a bit, or with the dado set, then the dados get done. Little bit of recip saw to cut out inside the bracing. Then cut the holes with the jasper jig (including the 1/2″ down to put a 1/4″ gasket of mass loaded vinyl and the driver itself), followed by 1.5″ roundover on the front baffle. Also need to build a drill press table with wings that I can pull out to hold the baffles for tower speakers that way to drill holes for the wood inserts to hold the screws.

        After all of that, dry fit, then glue up most of it, while leaving the front baffle detachable to adjust the length of the port to adjust the box frequency. Once that is set, glue the final pieces in place. Then comes the painting and the sanding (aside from earlier sanding). And, then Bob’s your uncle.

        Sorry, I’ve been running through my list of cuts and order of operations to do my own build lately. That includes other things I will need or want for the build. I need to probably do a sled for long pieces to get straight edges after the glue up. Cut extra strips to glue up to strap to the fence of the table saw for the dado spoil board, etc.
        Something like that for the drill press. Which that seems like a simple build and like it would be perfect to throw items on for drilling.

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      That would be great. As I get closer to construction I’ll take you up on that offer. BTW, many folks that build loudspeakers are looking for a reasonable router lift system. I built the world’s easiest and most inexpensive one yesterday. I posted a short video on my YouTube page. Your readers (viewers) might find it helpful.

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      Yes, That is the one I bought……I wanted a simple router for inexpensive investment. Lord knows I have enough routers in the shop! This one I just lucked out as it had features like a simple on/off switch and slow start that I wasn’t even aware of when I ordered it. Guess I need to read the Amazon descriptions better!

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