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      Hi yall.

      I am attempting to redesign the DIII refried that used the now discontinued RS28F-4. The idea behind this MTM speaker design was to use a tweeter better suited to play lower to help the DC160 that struggles around 1000 Hz. I think the tweeter I picked (Peerless DX25BG60-04) should be able to play lower, crossing over around 1350 Hz. I would like to use this MTM as a center channel for a pair of Classix II I plan to build.

      Please let me know if this pairing of the drivers will work. And would it work as a center with the Classix iis?

      This is also the first time I’ve tried to design a crossover. Am I way off? lol

      Thank you!

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      Posted by: @wickedj

      speaker design was to use a tweeter better suited to play lower to help the DC160 that struggles arou

      Are these measured responses or is this from response charts?  I am asking, because his inductor value was almost double yours and it looks liek he has a notch filter to help take care of that area you didn’t like.  Crossing over sooner sounds like it might help, it may also help to work on that notch filer.  GIve us a little more info and we can see how we can help you.

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      @123toid I am using the frd and zma files found on Parts Express for the DC160 and I created my own files for the DX25BG60 with FPGraphTracer.

      For whatever reason, following his general crossover design for the woofers gave me no good results. It could be due to not playing well with this new tweeter?

      Ive worked on it a little more and seemed to have cleaned up the mids a little better. This however required the use of more components.  The crossover is now around 1100-1200 Hz with a steeper mids drop off. That peak starting around 10k Hz – how do you feel about it?

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      Your woofer response is looking much better.  Now you jsut need to get your tweeter response around 88 and should be in a much better situation.  Did you enter any z offset?

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      Ive managed to reduce tweeter reponse to around 88. Is this for baffle step compensation?

      I did not enter any z offset. Is that how much the tweeter is offset to the mid drivers? Id inset both in the baffle.

      On another note, I played around with Jeff Bagby’s program and came up with a different crossover with a decently flat response. When I input that crossover in VituixCad, the curve was not the same for the mid drivers. The dbs were way way down. Any idea where a discrepancy could lie here?

      Thank you for your help so far.

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