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      So I started out with a new project. I liked the Dinas sound so much, I wanted to make a portable version. For this one I decided to use African Mahogany and wrapped in some fabric. The fabric looks like car fabric, but it’s actually a type of wool. I’ll work on getting some better pictures. But here’s some right now. I used a high gloss epoxy finish used for boats. 

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      That looks awesome!  Hope it sounds as good as it looks.

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      Here’s the final product. This particular one ended up not being portable. Instead, this one hooks up directly to AC power. this was a gift for my mom and she really didn’t need it to be portable. The thing I really like about it is how glossy the finish came out. I used an acrylic pour over the African mahogany and you can just see the reflections of the wrench and even the countertops in the finish. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Honestly it’s really hard to capture in a picture.

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      Did the final sound meet your expectations?  Does it hit 35Hz with substance?  

      Any option to add tweeters to the system?

      Have you had the opportunity to build a battery version to provide a useable runtime?



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      Thsoe are some good questions.  It is tuned the same as the original Dinas, so the bass easily hits with authority down to 35hz.  I was on vacation and showed this to my friend, he absolutely loved it.  The plans include a 21V battery pack option.  I have never got it all the way down to dead.  THe run time always depends on how loud and the type of music you listen to.  But it should get you around 7 hours. 

      THere is no option for extenral tweeters.  I was concerned they would get damaged to easily with transport.  ANd hoenstly, for a portable unit, the tweeters are really unnecessary.  

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      Would it be possible to replace the port with a passive radiator in these?

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