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      Hi Toids,

      First my congrats for a great job. I follow your youtube channel and your website for a while and like both very much.

      I’m looking to build a pair of Passive DINAS for myself to use them in my living room. I would like to know the feasibility of some changes:

      1. Use the same ducted box design of the original DINAS, without the passive radiator, but with the crossover of the passive DINAS. The reason for this change is that in the place where it will be placed, the speakers side is confined for an efficient work of the passive radiator.

      2. Replace the external tweeter with a planar tweeter or a ribbon tweeter placed on the front panel. I would move the Full-Range (Mid driver) a little aside to make place to fit the tweeter. Here the replacement is more aesthetic. I don’t really like the external tweeter. I’m tempted by two models, one Planar of similar price and one Ribbon more than double the price, namely:

      a) Dayton Audio PTMini-6 Planar Tweeter 6 Ohm 15W, frequency response of 2.9kHz~25kHz, sensitivity of 90dB and resonance frequency Fs=4461Hz

      b) Beston RT001A Ribbon Tweeter 6 Ohm 15W, frequency response of 3kHz~40kHz, sensitivity of 88dB and resonance frequency Fs=3500Hz

      Those two tweeters can use your crossover design without mods? Those changes made any significant negative sound effect?

      Thanks in advanced.

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      @Quincas those are some great questions. You can build either the slot or passive radiator box for the passive crossover. That won’t affect anything at all. As far as the different tweeter goes…well that changes pretty much everything. The current crossover will not work with them. If you wanted to design a crossover around a different tweeter you could, but the current wouldn’t work with it.

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