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      Hello Everybody,

      I’m brand new to this forum. I’ve been working on DIY audio for the last few months with 3D printing speaker enclosures (inspired by Hexibase on Youtube). I’m currently working on a KABD-4100 amplifier board from Dayton Audio. This amp only has a line level aux though (besides Bluetooth). Is there any way to connect surround sound to this for a home theater setup?

      Are the any DIY Amp boards that have HDMI Arc? I haven’t found any yet.

      I see the pinned Acrylic Up2Stream can take an optical in. How is that for a home theater build? I think I’d be find with a 2.1 or 3.1 setup.

      My main goal with a home theater build is to replace my MRCOOL Sound Bar with something that doesn’t play the music and effects so loud that I can hear the dialog ( I REALLY hate that).

      Thanks in advance.


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      Have you looked on AliExpress? Just type in HDMI ARC and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

      What I saw so far was ones that can take most digital inputs, including ARC, and output several digital outs along with RCA and 1/8″ headphone analog outs. (still haven’t found a 3.1 decoder… yet)

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      Are you talking about a converter box like…

      HDMI Audio Codec 5.1 4K 3D Decode Extractor Coaxial to RCA AC3/DST to Amplifier HDMI-compatible Converter for PS4 DVD Player

      I do see some others that support ARC. That might work. I’d put an amp on each output to my various speakers, right? I was really hoping for a board with an integrated amp which had HDMI input, but that might not be available.

      I’ve been looking at Surround Sound AVRs like Denon, but I’d rather go the DIY route if I’m able.

      What is everyone using for their DIY home theater?



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      Something like that, yes. Though you’d still have to research if it does exactly what you are looking to do.

      To answer your 2nd question, yes, you’ll need an amplification stage for each output. I do see places like Parts Express that sell 3 channel amps, so you’d need 2 of those, as long as they meet your specs.

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      Last night I got an Optical->RCA converter from Amazon. I hooked this up to my Dayton Audio KABD-4100 which has two full range speakers and a passive subwoofer. Both of these have EQs programmed in that I tuned for music.

      I watched Pacific Rim: The Black and it sounded great! This is unwatchable on my normal sound bar due to all the Kaiju/animal screaming, the soaring music, and the quiet dialog.

      The only downside is a lack of a volume remote. Maybe I’ll give the Arylic 2.1 a go.

      So far, so good. Maybe I don’t need a surround sound amp after all.


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        That is awesome! I love to hear things like this. I completely agree about the lack of IR. It makes it really hard to use for something like this. Maybe they will eventually add it. I do love the Arylic 2.1 amplifier. The DSP is intensive as the Dayton KABD, However, it is much easier to use.

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