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    So I have 4 in wall (atmos) speakers off Amazon, built a box sealed done, but temporarily.

    My goal was to buy volt 10 for atmos, BUT c19 has caused a few problems,
    I did order ht10 x5 and 4 lab15 at the time.
    Over a year ago from diysound ground.

    So let’s try and build a set

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    My thoughts
    – 10″ driver maybe 8″
    Speakers on list
    b&c 10fcx64 or 8fcx51
    Eminence kl3010cx ,
    what compression driver ?
    Open to other ideas,
    ( goal is a really nice to really really nice speaker)

    Box probably like the volt 10
    Will try ported and sealed box in winisd

    No idea on how to make the xover stuff.

    So please educate me
    If there is a good post with alot of info please attach